St Andrews iGEM Team 2012

St Andrews iGEM Team 2012

Zoe Ashwood, Michael Lockhart, Mindaugas Paužuolis, Hannah Taylor,
Veronica Rezelj, Josi Buerger, Antti Buerger, Aleksejs Buerger, Yiwang Xu
Advisors (not pictured):
Academics – Terry Smith, Chris Hooley, John Mitchell,
Silvia Paracchini, Katharine Preedy, Anne Smith
Postgrads – Michał Barski, David Owen (2010 alum)

The 2012 St Andrews iGEM Team consists of undergraduates from the Schools of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Medicine, Philosophy, and Physics & Astronomy. On the advisory side are academics from Biology, CAPOD, Chemistry, Medicine, and Physics & Astronomy, and two postgrads in Biology, including one of our 2010 iGEM alums.

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