St Andrews iGEM Team 2011

Gold Medal Winners and Human Practices Honourable Mention,
iGEM European Jamboree 2011 Amsterdam

Christina Samson, Lamya Kamal, Ogaga Sim-Ifere
Sam Lipworth, Max Nicosia, Charlie Thompson
Advisors (not pictured):
Faculty – Anne Smith, Chris Hooley, John Mitchell, Mirco Musolei, Morven Shearer
2010 Alumni – David Owen, Sarah Shapiro, Jaunty Ward

The 2011 St Andrews iGEM Team consists of undergraduates from the Schools of Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, and Medicine. On the advisory side are five faculty from Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Medicine, and Physics & Astronomy, and three graduated 2010 iGEM Alumni helping out in the summer before starting postgraduate studies in Biology and Computer Science.

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